Aluminum investment casting India – Manufacturing process and hobby

When we discuss on right material for metal casting, aluminum is always considered best and easy available everywhere. Aluminum is recyclable in nature and it can be obtained from bin and trashes as well. The reason why aluminum is so much popular is its functional properties and characteristics. Aluminum investment casting in India may be hobby for an artist to design sculptors or some other useful components.

Further, it is pretty easy to manage aluminum at home and casting the same. This is also used in several of household appliances and molted quickly. Aluminum castings are utilized for aerospace industry as well here quality and precision are kept at priority.

For aluminum casting, it is necessary to make wax mold and fill with casted metal. Once it will get solidified wax layer can be removed to get the accurate component. The only problem is that outer layer is slight rough and it should be finished well using best polishing techniques.

Further aluminum investment castings are divided into three stages – lost wax casting, sand casting and investment casting. Industry can opt for any of these techniques that complement their business the most. For lost wax casting, it is necessary to prepare wax mold earlier as discussed earlier.

For other, different techniques are utilized by manufacturers to produce high quality casting products. Sand casting is done with sand and bonding agent is also required to bind particles together. Sand casting is one of the most inexpensive techniques but demands for high surface finishing at the end.

During investment castings, a copy of the product is designed with ceramics and it gets evaporated. Casting material is filled inside ceramic mold in later stage only and manufacturers have to wait to get it solidified. This is other cheaper technique and utilized based on project needs only.

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